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Boost your journey with the ProfitRocket AI Referral Program! Earn a stellar 5% reward from every purchase your referred friends make, and they’ll receive a 5% bonus on their buy amount too. Just navigate to your Token Dashboard profile, grab your unique referral link, and share it with your circle. You can accumulate up to 50,000 PRAI in rewards. (over $1,500 USD in value 🚀) Start spreading the word and watch your rewards skyrocket!

ProfitRocket AI Referral Program
Terms and Conditions:

1. Eligibility: Participation in the ProfitRocket AI Referral Program is open to all registered members of our platform with a good standing account.
2. Referral Rewards: For each new member you refer who makes a qualifying transaction, you will receive a referral bonus as specified in the referral reward structure. The new member referred by you will also receive a one-time welcome bonus.
3. Referral Link: Each participant will receive a unique referral link to share. This link must be used by the new member at the time of sign-up to qualify for rewards.
4. Qualifying Transactions: A transaction must meet the minimum required amount and cannot be withdrawn or refunded for a period defined in the program details to qualify.
5. Reward Limitations: There is no limit to the number of referrals you can make, but rewards are subject to daily and monthly caps as outlined in the program details.
6. Payment of Rewards: Referral bonuses are credited to your ProfitRocket AI wallet and are subject to the standard terms and conditions of wallet transactions.
7. Fraudulent Activity: ProfitRocket AI reserves the right to investigate any suspicious or inappropriate registration or transactions. Rewards will not be granted if a referral is deemed fraudulent.
8. Changes to Terms: ProfitRocket AI reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the referral program at any time, without prior notice. Continued participation in the program after any changes constitutes acceptance of the new terms.
9. Taxation: Referral bonuses may be subject to tax. Participants are responsible for any taxes that arise as a result of receiving referral rewards.
10. Disputes: Any disputes over referral rewards will be handled at the discretion of the ProfitRocket AI team.
By participating in the ProfitRocket AI Referral Program, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to these terms and conditions.
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