User Data Deletion Instructions

For Users of Our Instagram Bot Service
At ProfitRocket AI, we’re committed to ensuring your privacy and giving you control over your data. If you’ve interacted with our Instagram bot and wish to delete any data associated with your Facebook or Instagram account, please follow these simple steps:
Facebook Data Deletion
Login to Facebook: Sign in to the Facebook account linked to the Instagram service.
Access the Settings & Privacy: Navigate to the settings section of your Facebook account.
Find the Instagram Bot App: In the “Apps and Websites” section, locate our service/bot.
Remove the App: Select our app and choose the option to remove it. This action will delete all data our service holds about your interactions through Facebook.
Instagram Data Deletion
For direct interactions with our Instagram bot (e.g., comments, messages):
Contact Us Directly: Send us a direct message on Instagram or email us at [Your Contact Email] with the subject line “Request for Data Deletion.”
Provide Your Username: Include your Instagram username and any relevant details to help us locate your data.
Verification: We may contact you to verify your identity to prevent unauthorized data deletion requests.
Confirmation: Once verified, we will delete all data associated with your account from our databases and confirm the deletion to you within 30 days.
Please note, deleting your data from our service does not remove any content you have shared publicly or privately on Facebook or Instagram. You may need to delete those posts or messages directly through the respective platforms.
For any further questions or concerns regarding your data privacy, please contact our support team at support@profitrocket.ai.