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Introducing Something…
Revolutionary!Game-Changing!Innovative!For The Community!Unique!Next Level!

Experience the Power Of
AI-Enhanced Collective Investing With ProfitRocket AI!

Intelligent AI-Powered Investing!
100% No Loss Guarantee
Build Monthly Passive Income

ProfitRocket AI
has Moved to a Private Sale!

ProfitRocket AI has transitioned from a public presale to a private sale to better align with our strategic goals and market conditions. This move will allow us to engage more effectively with strategic investors, ensuring the project’s long-term success and stability.
Click below for more information or to express your interest in joining the sale.

How Does It Work?

Hand holding money for investment - Profitrocket AI cryptocurrency Project - AI-Powered investment fund.


Whenever anyone purchases PRAI tokens, 8% is taken and placed into a transparent community investment pool


Our advanced AI algorithms diligently analyze market trends and execute trades, efficiently working to secure profits on behalf of our community.
ProfitRocket AI cryptocurrency project - AI-powered investment fund built for the community.


Every month, 75% of any profits made by the bots are distributed to current token holders!
It’s literally that easy!

Featured In

This Is The Future Of Trading!

Unlock unprecedented wealth potential like never before with the AI Revolution, the modern-day gold rush!


AI-enhanced are revolutionizing crypto trading by analyzing trends, sentiment, and news instantly, optimizing strategies, and executing precise trades to maximize returns and minimize risks.

Passive Monthly Income

By holding PRAI tokens, you qualify for our unique profit-sharing model. Receive a monthly distribution of 75% of AI-generated profits. This isn’t just an investment, it’s a community-driven passive income stream.
Cryptocurrency 3D shield to show the ProfitRocket AI project is secure and safe to invest into.

100% Secure & Verified

Our contract has been fully audited and the team has completed KYC with BlockSafu.


AI robot examining a large chart

Reinvestment Options

Maximize your growth with ProfitRocket AI! Choose to reinvest your earnings and see your stake and potential returns soar. It’s your opportunity to amplify success in the crypto universe.
AI robot holding large red dollar sign

75% Community Profit-Share

ProfitRocket AI distributes 75% of all profits made to token holders every month. Simply purchase and hold PRAI to receive your monthly payout!
AI robot holding a large exclamation mark

Intelligent AI Trading

Integrating AI into a standard trading bot is like giving it a brain! Our AI trading bots analyze every trade they make to learn how to make all future trades even more effective!
AI robot with the word NO in front of it

No Loss Guarantee!

If AI bots incur losses after a 30-day trading cycle, the “ProfitRocket Loss Prevention Fund” automatically covers any losses, ensuring the community enjoys risk-free crypto trading benefits.
AI robot looking at voting boxes

Community Governance

ProfitRocket AI aims to transition to a DAO, empowering token holders with decision-making power and fostering a community-driven approach. This move ensures transparency, inclusivity, and shared success in shaping the future of decentralized finance. 🚀
AI robot holding large check mark

Staking Rewards

Stake your tokens with ProfitRocket AI to earn staking rewards on top of profit share payouts. This dual-benefit approach enhances your investment, rewarding your commitment with compounded returns. Dive into staking and watch your earnings grow!


Token Details:

Token Symbol PRAI
Total Supply 1 Billion (1,000,000,000)
Buy And Sell Taxes:

Investment Fund 8%
Marketing 2%

Token Distribution:

Presale – 30%
Liquidity – 20%
CEX Listings – 10%
Investment Pool -10%
Team Allocation – 8%
Marketing/Dev – 7%
Staking Rewards – 5%
Airdrop/Referrals – 4%
Advisors/Partnerships – 3%
Loss Prevention Fund -3%


Q2 2024

– AI Integration
– Develop dApp
– Implement
– CMC & CG Listings

Q3 2024

– Limited iNFT’s
– Enhance AI Infrastructure
– Expand Chains

Q4 2024

– Improve dApp
– Community Governance
– Enhanced Security Measures

Q1 2025

– Improve Platform
– Educational Initiatives
-Future AI Research & Development

Meet The Team

Team image - Svector -Chief Community Officer

SvectorChief Community Officer

Svector, our Chief Community Officer at ProfitRocket AI, brings vibrant energy and extensive experience in tech community engagement. Passionate about blockchain and AI, he is committed to fostering a collaborative and transparent environment that drives shared success for the entire community.

CryptoVisionChief Executive Officer

Meet Curtis Nye aka CryptoVision, CEO & Founder of ProfitRocket AI. With unmatched expertise in AI and the crypto market, Curtis drives our vision of revolutionizing crypto investing. His strategic foresight and approach ensure our community enjoys secure, innovative, and profitable investment opportunities.
ProfitRocket AI's Chief Community Officer, Sunrise

SunriseChief Marketing Officer

As ProfitRocket AI’s Chief Marketing Officer, Sunrise spearheads innovative marketing strategies with her expertise in digital marketing and cryptocurrency. She enhances brand visibility and drives growth, aligning with the project’s vision of community-driven, AI-enhanced profitability. Sunrise’s leadership ensures our unique value proposition captivates a global audience.

YaxxManCommunity Manager

Meet YaxxMan, our energetic Community Manager, skilled in digital communication and passionate about enhancing our online spaces. With a sharp eye for social media trends, he engages and grows our community by creating a welcoming environment where every voice is heard. Svector’s ambition and enthusiasm drive our community to exciting new heights.

Daniel Lin SolisFront-End Developer

Meet Daniel, our talented Front-End Developer at ProfitRocket AI. With a focus on user experience, Daniel crafts intuitive and engaging interfaces that simplify complex trading environments. His innovative work ensures that every user interaction with our platform is smooth and effective, helping to make advanced crypto trading accessible to all.

Hiccup YDeveloper

Introducing Hiccup Y, our innovative Developer at ProfitRocket AI. Hiccup’s technical prowess in blockchain and AI propels our platform’s capabilities, ensuring top-tier security and groundbreaking crypto trading advancements. His commitment to technological excellence supports our goal of providing unrivaled investment opportunities.

Chainmaster FluxChief Technology Officer

Chainmaster Flux is the wizard of wallets and the guardian of ProfitRocket’s treasure trove. With a Ph.D. in Cryptonomics from Blockchain University, Flex specializes in fiscal forecasts and tokenomics tactics, ensuring every digital dime is directed with precision.
Ledger Lenny, an AI team member for ProfitRocket AI , an innovative and revolutionary Defi cryptocurrency project.

Ledger LennyChief Financial Officer

Ledger Lenny, the master of metrics and sovereign of spreadsheets, expertly navigates ProfitRocket’s financial flows with a keen eye for detail. Harnessing advanced auditing tools, Lenny excels in analyzing and untangling complex crypto transactions with ease.

Pixel WeaverChief Development Officer

Pixel Weaver is the efficiency expert, a streamlined strategist whose algorithms are the pinnacle of productivity. Weaver’s operational oversight keeps the ProfitRocket engines fine-tuned and the mission on course.


For faster answers, try our official AI mascot, ProfitBot! He is located in the lower right-hand corner of your screen and is capable of answering any questions about ProfitRocket AI and can even assist in purchasing tokens!

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